The Overview about the Mental Disorders

    Living in this complicated society systems, a lot of people as of these days are suffered by mental disorders. Not knowing where did they come from, medications and counselling support to pull over the abnormal behaviors due to the disorders. Even on Guam, there are several psychology centers and the governmental organizations support to cure the disorder patients. Despite of these contributions, it is hard to hear that all Guam residents are free from the disorders. The news we can listen is who committed suicide and crimes by disorders. If the disorders could be extinguished by the medication and the medical programs then there must be no one who seeks a happiness during their lives.

    Listing the mental disorders, depression and melancholy and ADHD and PTSD etc. Most people believe they are not bound with those mental disorders and live normally without any issues. However, when a disorder issue occurs to stimulate the person whose life believed normal, then the person loses all his meaning in life and drags him into a deep underground. The mental disorders never represent one’s powerless status and we are feeble to be stared as like that. But it is just a natural symptom of our lives. Circumstances which pushed me into those difficulties cannot be changed although you move to other places, meeting new friends and finding a new hobby. As I created the mental disorders; therefore, I can kick them out.
    Let’s assume one bad incident you had experienced during your life. No one has same remembered thoughts of the incident, but I insist it really exists. More in details, the happened incident is real, but the analysis and the assessment about the issue are fake which only exist inside myself. Anyone can view a same scene and a same world; however, among the viewpoints none of them match to each other perfectly.

    In reality, you do not have to be worried what miserables will happen around you. Because the imagination of the miserable will never happen. Nowadays, the most required ability to people is how to empty the fabricated thoughts and habits. If you want to enjoy a good life and a happiness, keep this quote in your mind that “Happiness is within us, not somewhere far”.