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What Interrupts My Concentration?

Once a day or more frequently, we find ourselves who cannot concentrate on work. Some sorts of complicated thoughts come up and they dominate my head spinning. When you look at your watch the task you were proceeding became overdue already. Many of us recognize this kind of issue so we try to relieve or… View Article

Insomnicas, Feel Fresh and Live Happy

Counting lambs lying on bed, one two and three.. and hundred one. Who have never been suffered with insomnia will never know how every night is painful. A sweet dream became a dream of the insomniacs and the lack of sleeping quality affects to their next day morning. If the symptom will continue in chain… View Article

Why Meditation Gets More Popularity? Which Meditation Should I Choose?

Why Meditation Gets More Popularity? Which Meditation Should I Choose? Now look at the material you are wathing to read this article. It can be a pad, a smartphone or a computer monitor. In the digital era, without these equipments we feel out of the majority. Through the electronic devices, we believe can get more… View Article

The Overview about the Mental Disorders

Living in this complicated society systems, a lot of people as of these days are suffered by mental disorders. Not knowing where did they come from, medications and counselling support to pull over the abnormal behaviors due to the disorders. Even on Guam, there are several psychology centers and the governmental organizations support to cure… View Article

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