Why Meditation Gets More Popularity? Which Meditation Should I Choose?

Why Meditation Gets More Popularity? Which Meditation Should I Choose?

Now look at the material you are wathing to read this article. It can be a pad, a smartphone or a computer monitor. In the digital era, without these equipments we feel out of the majority. Through the electronic devices, we believe can get more information and it helps to develop our knowledge and maturity. However, reverserly there are symptoms called “Information Overload” and “Smartphone Addiction”. Last a decade ago, only 2 to 3 kinds of information were enough to make reasonable decision. Now we search more than hundreds thousands of information to make same decision. With a smartphone, we go into Facebook and Instagram and compare with other’s life. People are being depressed easily with other people’s better life and afraid of doing something new because of the overloaded information around us.

What is a con as we are living in the information era? First of all, rather than caring and looking in ourselves people reflect their own life through other people. Meaining, people are losing their identity and confidence due to the unrelated information. Meditation which can give you a moment to look back your life and yourself now becomes more popular as instinctly people seek to detach themselves from the information flood. Imagine that you do not have to think about the crowded subway or bus, no stressful jobs and conflicts with relationships. The time when you meditate is already the best heaven where you had never been.

Fowlloing the demands, more meditation centers are open. Again, we confront to a deliema. Finding information about each meditation center and invest my time, money and energy which are restricted. Making the wisest decision is all our hope; therefore, you could also find this article while looking for some information. I would like to give some tips of selecting the best meditation center and what is standard of choosing meditation.

1) Meditation effect must be sustainable
When you type the keyword “Meditation” in Youtube, more than millions of meditation clips will pop-up. I know you are a busy modern human being. Let’s assume that you choose one clip and practiced them for several hours. Now you get back to work and started working. Certainly you were peaceful and relaxed during the meditation practice, but you can see yourself that your mind is nervous and stressful again at the work place.
If you think “Ok, at least I relaxed for that time, I can repeat when I go back home.” It seems you are giving only aspirine to yourself, but not an exact medicine to remove the reason of stress and nervous. Like a cancer, stressful mind also has some reasons pull you into a deep depression and bad feelings. If you are a meditation seeker, then consider this that the meditation effect must be sustainable in any situation. Therefore, find a meditation center who can help you to remove the reasons of your stress.

2) Meditation must help you confirm the result by youself
If a meditation keeps telling you how you must be changed and be, then it is a self-hypnosis merely. Because you still look at the world through other people’s ideas without your own self-confirmation. Unless a meditation method can help you to confirm the cleared mind by yourself, please look at other meditation methods. Listening what you can be is same as a lecture not meditation.

3) Meditation must have a guider/helper to support your practice
We call mentor or mentorship who guides us to develop our ability and mental. How about the meditation? There must be some practioners who already experienced all the paths of a meditation. If a guider/helper of a meditation seemed satisfying the above 2 conditions you can trust them and follow the method what they ask you.
You do not have to meditation to relax yourself for a short moment merely. As the time elapses the meditation has been developed also. If you are going to buy a 2G phone or a pager where everyone use a smartphone we feel uncomfortable to live. Meditation is similar to a device. If a device has better functions, fast and sustainable we will choose to buy it without any hesitation. I am sure that you can also make the best decision in choosing a meditation.