Insomnicas, Feel Fresh and Live Happy

Counting lambs lying on bed, one two and three.. and hundred one. Who have never been suffered with insomnia will never know how every night is painful. A sweet dream became a dream of the insomniacs and the lack of sleeping quality affects to their next day morning. If the symptom will continue in chain aftermaths will be horrible and devastating. Most scientists figured out the reason of the insomnia, and the reason is “Active brain”. To have a qualified sleeping, the brain must cease it’s regular function and takes rest. When there is a problem in a brain function, which too much active, our true rest time is deprived. The insomniacs are hardly found whose residence is in rural area; on the other hand, most patients are concentrated in urbanized territories. There is a significantly contrast in the life style of urban and rural area.

Think more seems productive, but not at all

Working in office, professional jobs and busy cosmopolitan life require us to think more, often and rapidly. To subdue employees more productively, the companies impose more jobs to be done earlier and precisely. How fast our brain needs to spin to complete the whole tasks on our desks? Like a spinning-top, our brain doesn’t know when to stop the thinking process. We learned how to think more and rapidly at school, but not how to cease and halt to take rest. The society make us sinful when we take rest even a short moment. The objectless life runs with the endless spinning and that life-style continues even we come back home from the work.


Sleeping, the basic resting system the human has

Leaning on a couch, turning on a favorite movie and start drowsing. Even though your body is going into the sleeping process; however, the brain is filled with tomorrow’s task. Look yourself now, do you truly believe that your future concern will really occur tomorrow? I can say “No, they will never happen!” In other words, unlikely how we are afraid, draw and imagine, the future will never be as it is and they are all false. It is useless to spend time for them. Because of those wasting time, our sleeping time is vulnerable and endangered. People are driving their body and mental into a fire loading tons of gun powder. One day, the accumulated tiredness due to the shortage of sleeping will burst yourself out to the other mental issues.


Eliminate the reason, and get fresh

The reason why we are filled with the non-existing thoughts starts from our belief. We must be able to turn our belief upside down that whatever imagination I created about the future and even the past had never been true. Once you can confirm they are false, it is no unnecessary spend time to care them. Rest cool and be fresh tomorrow, it is not difficult. Find a method to make yourself feel fresh 24/7 around you.